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Hello and Thank you for visiting my Website. 

My name is Sarah and I have always been interested in photography for as long as I can remember.

Back in the day I was always the annoying friend on nights out or holidays that would always have the camera trying to capture every moment whether it was good or bad.

Back then it wasn't the instant digital camera's or Iphones we all have now, oh no it was all point and shoot, take to the shop and wait for up a week to find out what you had captured. My reasons for always being the one with the camera was every day and night we had out was always great and they would be memories we would never get back so by taking pictures all the time gave me this great album of my life's memories which I always look back on and smile.

Since then photography has moved on and my passion for it has grown. Having done many different jobs in my lifetime, photography was always what I would come back too.

In 2003 I became a mummy for the first time, which was the best feeling I had ever experienced and from there was where my passions for newborn and child photography began. I mean what better place to start practising newborn photography then with your own child.

Although I'm mostly self taught, in 2012 I decided to do a Photography course whilst I was pregnant with my second child, I completed the course and gain myself a Dipolma in photography.

After having my second child I became a full time mummy but still continuted to take photo's..well lets face it I did have the perfect opportunity once again to capture those beautiful precious moments of my child growning up.

All those baby moments are so precious and dont last forever. Babies soon become toddlers who soon become teens and before you know it they are adults doing their own thing.

Capturing every detail of my children growing up gave the drive to do a refresher course because as all us mummy's know baby brain creeps up and you can forget where you have put the baby wipes let alone trying to remember what shutter speed and exposure to use.

Which brings me to where I am today finally taking the first steps to running my own photography business, a dream I've dreamt about for so many years...

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